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Womens Favorite Mens Cologne

Just like women’s fragrances, if a man wears a scent that’s appropriate to his personality, lifestyle, and the occasion, he’ll leave a lasting impression. Men’s cologne will generally last much longer than after-shave. Many guys choose to wear both in which case the fragrance lasts longer.

It's important to know that every scent or cologne smells different on every person. The way a scent takes to your body and your skin is a question of chemistry, and has to do with the chemical reaction between you and the particular fragrance. While your friend smells great in the latest Calvin Klein men's cologne, it could make you smell more like a gym locker.

You would never buy a pair of shoes without trying them on, right? The same goes for cologne. Always try cologne before purchasing it. Never assume that because it smells good on someone else that it will smell good on you.

Some of the latest colognes for men and adored by women are:

Black- By Kenneth Cole. This is for the urban guy who mixes classic with cutting edge style. Black might be good for a night out on a date but maybe a little too sensuous for the office.

Marc Jacobs-by Marc Jacobs. This scent is never flashy, but always noticeable. It’s modern and subtle, and will definitely have the ladies asking your name.

Whatever scent your going for, never buy something just because it has clever marketing or hot chicks in the commercial. Instead, shop for cologne as you would shop for a car. Do the research, take it for a test drive and test move than one. There’s nothing wrong with having a few cars in the garage either. Consider having one scent for day or business and another for a night out, or if you’re lucky, a night in.

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